Fall 2022 Courses

(*) undergraduate class. Contact instructor for possibility of cross-listing with graduate section.

African American Studies

*AAS 3559 Creolization, Poetics, and Racial Embodiment


*ANTH 3275 The Corporation: History, Culture, Capital 

*ANTH 3290 Biopolitics and the Contemporary Condition

*ANTH 3360 The Museum in Modern Culture 

*ANTH 3590 Anthropology of Tourism 

ANTH 5235 Legal Anthropology

ANTH 5470 Language and Identity 

ANTH 5559 Relations and WorldS

ANTH 5360 World Mental Health

ANTH 7400 Linguistic Anthropology 


Architectural History 

*ARH 3608 Historic Preservation Theory and Practice

ARH 5201 Art and Architecture of Venice


*ARTH 3062 Pompeii 

*ARTH 3591 Art History Colloquium: Medieval Mayhem

*ARTH 3591 Art History Colloquium: Roman Archaeology

*ARTH 4591 Paris and Prague: Twilight of the Middle Ages

*ARTH 4591 Global Rennaissance

*ARTH 4951 Vikings into Kings


*CLAS 3260 Rituals in Ancient Greece

GREE 5080 Greek Epigraphy

GREE 5559 Greek Survey 

*LATI 3100 Vergil, Aeneid 

*LATI 3070 Livy

*LATI 3090 Medieval Latin

*LATI 4559 Ovid’s Metamorphoses

LATI 5060 Roman Comedy

LATI 5559 Education and Scholarship in Ancient Rome 



*ECON 3430 Economics of Sustainability and the Environment 

*ECON 4030 Market Design: Engineering a Better World

*ECON 4220 International Finance and Macroeconomics

*ECON 4300 Public Choice

*ECON 4365 Global Financial Markets 

*ECON 4420 Macroeconomic Policy

*ECON 4440 Economic Inequality

*ECON 4559 Economics of Climate Change

ECON 8210 International Trade Theory 

ECON 8220 International Finance



*ENGL 3220 The Seventeenth Century

*ENGL 3271 Shakespeare: Histories and Comedies

*ENGL 3310 Eighteenth-Century Women Writers

*ENGL 3480 The English Novel II

*ENGL 3510 Medieval Romance

*ENGL 3515 Medieval European Literature in Translation: Augustine of Hippo

*ENGL 3540 Romanticism

*ENGL 3971 History of Drama I: Ancient Greece to the Renaissance

*ENGL 4270 Shakespeare Seminar 

*ENGL 4510 Thomas Malory's King Arthur

*ENGL 4520 Rennaissance Literature: Paradise Lost 

ENGL 5559 Violence and Possession, Medieval to Renaissance

ENGL 5830 Introduction to World Religions, World Literatures

ENGL 8380 Eighteenth-Century Prose Fiction 

ENGL 8598 Kafka and His Precursors



*FREN 3043 The French-Speaking World III: Modernities

*FREN 3051 History and Civilization of France: Revolution to 1945

*FREN 3585 Beasts and Beauties

*FREN 3585 Heroes and Villains

*FREN 4582 Baudelaire and French Modernity

*FREN 4585 Tour de France

FREN 5011 Old French 

FREN 5100 Medieval Literature in Modern French I 

FREN 5540 The Problem of the Author in the Ancien Regime

FREN 5585 The City of Paris: Stories of a Living Legend

FREN 5585 Roland Barthes' Century

FREN 8510 Early Medieval French Literature Now


*GERM 3559 New Voices in German: Today's Literary Landscape

*GETR 3392 Fairy Tales

*GETR 3393 Serial Media

*GETR 3464 Medieval Stories of Love and Adventure

*GETR 3559 History of Information: Data, Ethics, Technology

*GETR 3720 Freud and Literature

*GETR 3790 Pursuing Happiness



*HIEU 3141 Age of Conquests: Britain from the Romans to the Normans (43-1066)

*HIEU 3312 Europe at War, 1939-45: Occupation, Genocide, Resistance 

*HIEU 3321 The Scientific Revolution, 1450-1700

*HIEU 3812 Marx

*HIEU 4511 Viking Worlds

HIEU 5063 Late Antiquity, AD 235-410

*HIST 3281 Genocide

*HIST 3352 The First World War

*HIST 3559 Soccer Politics 

*HIST 4501 20th Century Genocides

*HIST 4501 The Cold War 1945-1990

*MSP 3501 Medieval Identities, Cultures, and Conflicts


Media Studies

*MDST 3050 History of Media

*MDST 3504 Comparative Histories of the Internet

*MDST 3505 Stars, Celebrities and Fame

*MDST 4670 White Out: Screening White Supremacy



*PHIL 3110 Plato 

*PHIL 3180 Nietzsche

*PHIL 3330 Philosophy of Mind

*PHIL 3640 Political Philosophy

*PHIL 3720 Contemporary Ethics

*PHIL 3730 Ancient Ethical Theory 

*PHIL 3810 Sex, Sexuality, and Gender 



*PLCP 3120 Politics and Political Economy of the Welfare State

*PLCP 4150 Comparative Public Policy 

*PLCP 4200 Comparative Legislatures

*PLCP 4220 Comparative Budgeting and Economic Policy

*PLCP 4250 Politics of Economic Reform 

*PLCP 4500 Nation-Building

*PLCP 4500 Democratic Erosion 

*PLCP 4500 Environmental Politics 

PLCP 7500 Grad Seminar of Welfare State

*PLIR 3500 Religion, Violence and Strategy

*PLIR 3760 Russia/USSR in World Affairs 

*PLIR 4320 Religion and War

*PLIR 4500 US-Russian Relations in Post-Soviet Era

*PLPT 3010 Ancient and Medieval Polticial Theory

*PLPT 3030 Modern Political Thought

*PLPT 4500 Democratic Theory

*PLPT 4500 Representative Democracy and its Critics

*PLPT 4500 Revolution

*PLPT 4500 The Politics of Emergencies


Religious Studies

*RELC 3245 Religion, Law, and Culture 

*RELC 3620 Modern Theology

RELC 5665 Freedom: Theological & Philosophical Perspectives

RELC 7515 Christian Thought Through the Middle Ages

*RELG 3255 Ethics, Literature, and Religion

*RELG 3605 Religion, Violence and Strategy: How to Stop Killing in the Name of God

RELG 5559 Anxiety: Religious and Theological Perspectives

RELG 5559 Religion, State, Sovereignty 

*RELJ 3052 Responses to the Holocaust

*RELJ 3170 Modern Jewish Thought 

*RELJ 3320 Judaism: Medicine and Healing 


Slavic Languages & Literatures

RUSS 5176 The Silver Age of Russian Poetry

RUSS 5390 The Russian Utopian Imagination

*RUTR 3340 Books Behind Bars: Life, Lit & Community Leadership

*RUTR 3350 Nineteeth Century Russian Literature

*RUTR 3390 Edens, Idylls, and Utopias in Russian Literature

SLAV 5100 Old Church Slavonic

*SLTR 3300 Facing Evil in the Twentieth Century: Humanity in Extremis

*SLTR 3500 The Ukraine Crisis: East and West



*SOC 3490 Cities and Cultures

*SOC 3710 Organizations

*SOC 3820 Social Movements

*SOC 4054 Political Sociology

*SOC 4140 Sociology of Consumption

*SOC 4280 Sociology of Mental Health and Illness

*SOC 4720 Nations and Nationalism

SOC 5320 Sociology of Gender 

SOC 5900 Economic Sociology

SOC 8030 Sociological Issues


Spanish, Italian & Portuguese 

*ITTR 3685 Italy on Screen: Sex, Gender, & Racial Identities

*POTR 4270 The Civilization of Brazil

*SPAN 4420 Spanish Contemporary Poetry

*SPAN 4510 Spanish Romantic Poetry and EuropE

*SPAN 4530 Spanish vis-à-vis Other Romance Languages

*SPAN 4700 Spanish Culture and Civilization

SPAN 7220 History of the Language

SPAN 8550 Early Modern Spanish Transpacific Studies


Women and Gender Studies

*WGS 3125 Transnational Feminism

*WGS 3305 Issues in LGBTQ Studies

*WGS 3500 Issues and Controversies in Women's Sport

*WGS 3559 Intersectionality

*WGS 3897 Gender Violence and Social Justice

*WGS 3900 Gender & Sexuality in Islamic Culture

*WGS 4559 Global Histories of Intimacies

*WGS 4820 Advanced Theory Seminar: Black Feminist Theory

WGS 7500 Approaches to Gender & Sexuality Studies