Spring 2019 Courses

(*) undergraduate class. Contact instructor for possibility of cross-listing with graduate section.


ANTH 5885 Archaeology of Colonial Expansions


*CLAS 3559 Race & Ethnicity in Antiquity


*DRAM 4592 Performing Race & Citizenship


ECON 8220 International Finance

ECON 8440 International Trade and Development Workshop

*ECON 4210 International Trade: Theory and Policy

*ECON 4445 Policy Analysis

*ECON 4610 Economic Development


ENCR 9500 Seminar in Critical Theory - Material Culture

ENEC 8400 Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama

ENGL 5830 Contemporary Jewish Fiction

*ENEC 4500 Eighteenth-Century Literature I English Poetry 1660-1789

*ENMC 4500 Modern and Contemporary Literature - Postwar British Literature

*ENMC 4530 Literature and Human Rights

*ENGL 3030 Global Cultural Studies

*ENEC 3200 Eighteenth-Century Women Writers

*ENMC 3500 Studies in Modern and Contemporary Literature - James Joyce's Ulysses


FREN 5540 Topics in Eighteenth-Century Literature

FREN 5585 The Postcolonial Archive

*FREN 4509 L’individu bilingue / the bilingual speaker

*FREN 4585 Joan of Arc: From Medieval to Modern Times

*FREN 4744 The Occupation and After

*FREN 3584 Topics in French Cinema


*GERM 3510 Topics in German Culture - Berlin & Vienna

*GETR 3330 Introduction to German Studies

*GETR 3372 German Jewish Culture and History

*GETR 3390 Nazi Germany

*GETR 3590 Brecht and Modern Drama

*GETR 3590 Fairy Tales

*GETR 3590 Media Seriality

*GETR 3695 The Holocaust and the Law


HIST 7020 Twentieth Century World

HIUS 7021 Comparative Cultural Encounters in North America, 1492-1800

HIST 7559: Twentieth Century Global History

HIEU 5063 Late Antiquity AD 235-410

*HIST 4501 English Law & Empire 1600-1860

*HIST 4501 Modern Environmental History

*HIEU 4502 France and Algeria

*HIEU 4512 European Colonial Violence

*HIST 3162 War and Society in the Twentieth Century

*HIEU 3131 The World of Charlemagne

*HIEU 3152 History of the British Empire

*HIEU 3231 Reformation Europe

*HIEU 3372 German Jewish Culture and History

*HIEU 3390 Nazi Germany

*HIST 3452 The Second World War

*HIEU 3471 English Legal History to 1776

*HIEU 3559 Queer European History

*HIEU 3612 Age of Reform and Revolution in Russia, 1855-1917

*HIEU 3695 The Holocaust and the Law

Media Studies

*MDST 3559 Propaganda & Digital Politics


*MUSI 4507 Composers Debussy and Ravel


PHIL 5560 Intl Political Phil

PHIL 7770 Political Philosophy


PLCP 7500 Approaches to Enviro Politics

PLCP 8140 Origins of Democracy and Dictatorship

*PLIR 4150 Economics and National Security

*PLIR 4500 American-Russian Relations

*PLCP 4500 Authoritarian Regimes

*PLPT 3020 Modern Political Thought

*PLCP 3110 The Politics of Western Europe

*PLCP 3500 Populism and Voting Behavior

*PLCP 3500 Politics of the Holocaust

*PLIR 3310 Ethics and Human Rights in World Politics

*PLIR 3610 European Union in World Affairs

Religious Studies

RELG 7460 Religion, Theory, Theology, and Modernity

RELJ 5559 New Course in Judaism - Histories and Fictions

RELJ 5365 Hermann Cohen and Modern Religious Thought

*RELC 3231 Reformation Europe

*RELJ 3052 Responses to the Holocaust

*RELJ 3170 Modern Jewish Thought

*RELJ 3372 German Jewish Culture and History

*RELI 2080 Global Islam

*RELJ 2030 Judaism, Roots and Rebellion


RUSS 5050 Advanced Conversation

RUSS 5380 Russian Postmodernism

RUSS 7010 Proseminar in Russian Literature

*RUTR 3360 Twentieth Century Russian Literature

*RUTR 3510 Topics in Russian Literature


*SOC 4750 Racism

*SOC 3020 Introduction to Social Theory

*SOC 3090 Philosophical Foundations of Social Theory

*SOC 3480 Sociology of Globalization

*SOC 3490 Cities and Cultures

Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese

SPAN 7850 Themes and Genres - Film Theory

SPAN 5800 Spanish America: Colonial Period to 1800

*SPAN 4700 Spanish Culture and Civilization

*SPAN 4704 Islamic Iberia

*ITAL 3720 Novella (Italian Short Narrative)

Women, Gender, and Sexuality

*ENEC 3200 Eighteenth-Century Women Writers

*WGS 3340 Transnational Feminism

*WGS 3800 Queer Theory

*WGS 3814 Gender, Sexuality, Identity in Premodern France

Law School

LAW 7035 Foreign Relations Law

LAW 7053 Federal Criminal Law Beyond US Borders

LAW 7055 International Human Rights Law

LAW 7613 Globalization and Private Dispute Resolution (SC)

LAW 7635 Legal Theory in Europe and the US: A Very Brief Introduction (SC)

LAW 6107 International Law

Batten (Public Policy)

LPPP Multilateral Environmental Negotiations

LPPP 7559 Nuclear Weapons & Foreign Policy