Spring 2023 Courses

(*) undergraduate class. Contact instructor for possibility of cross-listing with graduate section.

Architectural History  

*ARH 4591 Undergraduate Seminar in the History of Architecture: Medieval Mediterranean


*ARTH 3254: Leonardo da Vinci

*ARTH 4591: Undergraduate Seminar in the History of Art: Dionysos: Art, Myth, and Cult​


*CLAS 3120 Age of Alexander

GREE 5120 Greek Lyric Poetry

*LATI 3559 Roman Elegy

LATI 5290 Seneca

LATI 5559 Latin Panegyric



*ECON 4080 Law and Economics

*ECON 4190 Industrial Organization

*ECON 4200 Antitrust Policy

*ECON 4120 International Trade: Theory and Policy

*ECON 4220 International Finance and Macroeconomics

*ECON 4230 Seminar on Trade and Development

*ECON 4310 Economics of the Public Sector

*ECON 4430 Environmental Economics

*ECON 4445 Policy Analysis

*ECON 4610 Economic Development



*ENGL 3161 Chaucer I

*ENGL 3260 Milton

*ENGL 3273 Shakespeare: Tragedies and Romances

*ENGL 3482 The Fiction of Empire

*ENGL 4500 Milton and Whitman

*ENGL 4560 Global Speculative Fiction

ENGL 5559 Contemporary Jewish Fiction

ENGL 5559 The Literature of British Abolition, 1750-1810

ENGL 5805 What is Postcolonial Critique?

ENGL 8520 Studies in Renaissance Literature


*FREN 3043 The French Speaking World III: Modernities

*FRTR 3559 Black France Musicscape: Race, Space, Gender

*FREN 4585 Love, Sex, Marriage, Friendship in Renaissance

*FREN 4838 French Society and Civilization

FREN 5570 Topics in Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Literature: French Literature Now!

FREN 5584 Documentary Film-Theory and Practice

FREN 7559 Premodern Francophone Worlds and Global Networks


*GERM 3120 Literature in German I

GERM 5015 German for Reading Knowledge

*GETR 3330 Introduction to German Studies

*GETR 3392 Fairy Tales

*GETR 3393 Serial Media

*GETR 3559 Nietzsche, Freud, and William Burroughs

*GETR 3464 Medieval Stories of Love and Adventure


Health, Humanities, and Ethics

HHE/RELG 5600 Health in Aging: An Interdisciplinary Seminar 


*HIAF 3031 History of the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade*

*HIEU 3021 Greek and Roman Warfare

*HIEU 3091 Ancient Law and Society

*HIEU 3501 Film and Memory in Postwar Europe

*HIEU 3692 The Holocaust

*HIEU 4511 Colloquium in Pre-1700 European History: Late Archaic Greece

HIEU 5011 Late Archaic Greece

*HIST 4511 Gender, Sex, and Citizenship in Global Perspective

HIST 5001 Policy Design and Statecraft

HIST 5130 Global Legal History

HIST 5559 Reading Marx's Capital

HIST 5621 Genocide


Media Studies

*MDST 3050 History of Media

*MDST 3404 Democratic Politics in the New Media Environment

*MDST 3504 Italian Mafia in Film and Television

*MDST 3559 Ukrainian Cinema: Evolution, Revolution & Ontology

*MDST 3755 Social Media and Society

*MDST 3840 History of Film II

MDST 7701 Media and Everyday Life 



*PHIL 3120 Aristotle

*PHIL 3310 Metaphysics

*PHIL 3320 Epistemology

*PHIL 3400 Introduction to Non-Classical Logic

*PHIL 3640 Political Philosophy

*PHIL 3710 Ethics

*PHIL 3800 Feminist Philosophy

*PHIL 3999 Philosophical Perspectives on Liberty

PHIL 7510 Ancient History of Philosophy Topic: Aristotle 



*PLCP 3110 Politics of Western Europe

*PLCP 3210: Russian Politics

*PLCP 4140: Democracy and Dictatorship

*PLCP 4201: Comparative Political Parties

*PLCP 4500 Democracy and Inequality

*PLCP 4500 Islam, Democracy, and Authoritarianism

*PLCP 4652 Markets, Inequality, and the Politics of Development

PLCP 7500 Identity and the State

PLCP 7500 Comparative Constitutional Law

PLCP 8200 Comparative Institutions

*PLIR 3610 European Union in World Affairs

*PLIR 4431 Democracy and Foreign Policy

*PLIR 4450 The Clash of Ideas in World Politics

PLIR 5993 Selected Problems in International Relations

PLIR 8639 Advanced Topics in International Relations Theory

*PLPT 3020 Modern Political Thought

*PLPT 3030 Contemporary Political Thought

*PLPT 4070 Liberalism and Its Critics 

*PLPT 4500 Statesmen and Rulers

PLCP 7500 Political Theory of Social Movements


Religious Studies

*RELG 3115 Evangelicalism

*RELC 3675 Women in Ancient and Medieval Christianity

RELC 7515 From the Reformation to the Present 

RELC 8758 Post-Vatican II Roman Catholic Theology

*RELG 3405 Introduction to Black and Woman Religious Thought

*RELG 3416 Sustainability and Asceticism

RELG 5395 Religion and the Common Good

RELG/HHE 5600 Health in Aging: An Interdisciplinary Seminar 

RELG 8000 Negativity and the Religious Imagination

RELG 8720 Theology and Blackness: Psychoanalysis, Structuralism, Phenomenology 

*RELJ 3390 Jewish Feminism


Slavic Languages & Literatures

RUSS 5175 The Golden Age of Russian Poetry

RUSS 5360 Gulag: Graduate Studies in History and Literature 

RUSS 5559 Medieval and 18th Century Russian Literature

*RUTR 3360 Twentieth Century Russian Literature

*RUTR 3510 Dostoevsky

*RUTR 3559 History and Literature of the Soviet Prison Camps



*SOC 3320 Sociology of the Body

*SOC 3460 Future Cities 

*SOC 3470 Sociology of Development 

*SOC 3480 Sociology of Globalization

*SOC 3640 Human Society in History 

*SOC 4400 Sociology of Empires

*SOC 4540 Banned Books and Controversial Knowledge

*SOC 4550 Sociology of Reproduction

*SOC 4360 Race and Racism in Science

SOC 5060 Contemporary Sociological Theory


Spanish, Italian & Portuguese 

*ITAL 3559 Italian Cultural Studies

*ITTR 3559 The Best of Youth: Italian Coming of Age Films

*SPAN 3400 Survey of Spanish Literature I (Middle Ages to 1700) 

*SPAN 3410 Survey of Spanish Literature II (1700 to Present)

*SPAN 4202 Hispanic Sociolinguistics

*SPAN 4203 Structure of Spanish 

*SPAN 4500 Self-Knowledge in the Spanish Golden Age

*SPAN 4600 Literature and Cinema

*SPAN 4700 Spanish Culture and Civilization

*SPAN 4711 1492 and the Aftermath

SPAN 7850 Cervantes's Exemplary Novels & Speculative Lit

*PORT 3559 Adv Port: Brazilian Pop Culture: Race, Class, Gender


Women and Gender Studies

*WGS 3340 Transnational Feminism

*WGS 3305 Issues in LGBTQ Studies

*WGS 3559 Pleasure Activism Across Time

*WGS 3900 Gender and Sexuality in Islamic Culture

WGS 5559 Feminist Disability Politics

WGS 5559 Violence against Sexual Minorities