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Enrollment in the M.A. Program in European Studies

Students holding a B.A. degree may complete the Masters Program in European Studies in 3 semesters of full-time study (2 semesters at UVa, 1 semester at a European partner university) plus the completion of the M.A. thesis.  Part-time enrollment is also possible.


Year: 1
Fall: EURS 5000, + 9 MA credits
Spring: EURS 6000, EURS 8998, + 6 MA credits
M.A. credits: 24

Year: 2
Fall: 9 credits at European Partner Institution, +EURS 8999*
M.A. credits:12

Total 36  M.A. Credits

* (Students may take an “Incomplete” in EURS 8999 and enroll in “Degree in Absentia” status in the spring  ~$200 fee)


Admitted students may choose to enroll part time. In this case,  they must consult with the Director to devise a feasible course plan. Students must enroll in EURS 5000 in the fall and EURS 6000 in the spring. They must also spend one term abroad enrolling in nine credits. Students have 3 years to complete the M.A. degree.