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M.A. Program in European Studies

A multidisciplinary graduate degree sponsored by the humanities, arts, and social sciences departments of the University of Virginia, this program trains students to think across disciplines and cultures and apply a diverse array of methodologies to the study of Europe in a global framework. 

This M.A. degree offers an integrated curriculum with a European-wide scope at a moment in history when pan-European institutions, initiatives, and processes are central to the future of Europe and the world.

Given the dissolution of traditional boundaries and the realities of a highly integrated European business, cultural, and political environment, employers need skilled graduates whose knowledge is not limited to one country or region but rather is European and even global in scope and that transcends divisions between "East and West" and "North and South." To gain such knowledge, requires a deep appreciation of history, language and culture and of the shifting demographic, economic, poltical and environmental influences that have shaped and are reshaping the very concept and self-definition of Europe, as well as its values and visions of the future.

An intense, scholarly environment will challenge students and position them to be more successful in finding their place in the global workforce. This program will provide professional credentials to those whose career interests encompass the spheres of business, government, non-governmental and international organizations, policy-oriented research institutes, journalism, museums, cultural institutions and businesses in the United States as well as in Europe.

The M.A. program in European Studies will train students to:

  • investigate European issues using several relevant disciplines,
  • develop professional-level proficiency in at least one European language (other than English),
  • conceptualize, design, and execute an original research project on a European theme in the form of an M.A. thesis, and
  • acquire on-site field knowledge through a semester of study at a European partner institution.

Applicants who hold a B.A. and/or are early in their career may supplement professional training with rigorous and mentored coursework, analytical research, and intentional international experiences.

Currently-enrolled University of Virginia undergraduates may be admitted to a B.A./M.A. program during their 4th year of study. 

Interested undergraduates should apply during the spring semester of their 3rd year. 

Questions? Contact Professor Manuela Achilles, Director of European Studies, at