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B.A./M.A. Program in European Studies

Fast-track your education and career!

  • Combine your current major with one additional year of coursework, including one semester in Europe.
  • Apply in the spring of your 3rd year of undergraduate study at UVA
  • Make an appointment with the Interim Program Director, Prof. Ekaterina Makarova to discuss your options (


Option 1: Qualified UVA students may take 12-graduate credits in their 4th year of undergraduate study*

Year: 4
Fall: 6 graduate credits: EURS 5000, 1 “Core Cluster” class, (+ 6 undergrad credits)
Spring: 6 graduate credits: EURS 6000 + EURS 8998 (+ 6 undergrad credits)
M.A. credits: 12

Year: 5
Fall: 12 credits at European Partner University
Spring: 9 M.A. credits at UVA, +EURS 8999
M.A. credits: 24

Total 36  M.A. Credits

Option 2: Qualified UVA students who have completed all requirements for the B.A. by December of their 4th year may enroll in full-time graduate study in the spring semester.

Year: 4
Fall: EURS 5000, + 9 undergrad credits* (+ December B.A. graduation)
*it is possible to take 3 additional credits of graduate work if all B.A. requirements have been met.
Spring: EURS 6000, + +EURS 8998, + 6 MA credits, (Full-time M.A. enrollment)
M.A. credits: 15*
*(or 18 M.A. credits if 6 graduate credits are taken in fall semester)

Year: 5
Fall: 12 credits at European Partner Institution
Spring: 6 MA credits at UVA*, +EURS 8999 *(or 3 MA credits )
M.A. credits: 21 *(or 18 credits)

Total 36  M.A. Credits