Spring 2022 Courses

(*) undergraduate class. Contact instructor for possibility of cross-listing with graduate section.

African American Studies

*AAS 4570 Black Theories of Sex, Race and Queerness


*ARTH 3525 Michelangelo: The Artist, The Man and His Times

*ARTH 3559 Abstraction: Theory and Practice

*ARTH 3591 Medieval Manuscript Illumination

*ARTH 3592 Race, Ethnicity & Antiquity

*ARTH 4591 Recent Debates in Contemporary Art and Performance

*ARTH 4592 Up Close and Personal with the Old Masters

*ARTH 4593 Antiquity and Film


ANTH 5360 World Mental Health



LATI 3559 Apuleius*

LATI 3560 Suetonius*

LATI 3560 Persius*

LATI 4559 Cicero and Sallust: The Cartilinarian Conspiracy*

CLAS 5300 Introduction to Indo-European Linguistics

GREE 5090 Prose Composition

GREE 5559 Ancient Reception of Odysseus



ECON 4030 Market Design: Engineering a Better World*

ECON 4070 Economics and Gender*

ECON 4200 Antitrust Policy*

ECON 4230 Seminar on Trade and Development*

ECON 4610 Economic Development*



ENGL 3161 Chaucer I*

ENGL 3260 Milton*

ENGL 3273 Shakespeare: Tragedies and Romances*

ENGL 3482 The Fiction of Empire*

ENGL 3540 Global Nineteenth Century Fiction*

ENGL 4510 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight*

ENGL 8500 Introduction to Digital Humanities

ENGL 8540 Studies in Victorian Literature

ENGL 5830 The Bible



FREN 3042 Royalty and Revolution*

FREN 3043 Tradition et Innovation: Comment (se) transformer à travers le temps, l'espece et la culture*

FREN 4410 The Enlightenment*

FREN 4580 The Extreme Contemporary*

FREN 4580 Philosophes Noirs/Black Philosophers in French*

FREN 5520 Topics in 16th Century Literature

FREN 5585 Thinking France in the World

FREN 7500 All You Always Wanted to Know about Theory


GERM 3110 Literature of the 20th and 21st Century *

GERM 4600 Modernity and the German Jewish Writer*

GETR 3330 Introduction to German Studies*

GETR 3392 Fairy Tales*

GETR 3393 Serial Media*

GETR 3364 Medieval Stories of Love and Adventure*

GETR 3559 Infectious: Contagion and Culture*



HIAF 3501 Gender, Law, and Empire in Africa and Middle East*

HIEU 3471 English Legal History to 1776*

HIEU 4502 The Holocaust and Law*

HIST 3559 Anti-Imperialism, Decolonization, Post-Colonialism*

HIST 4501 Using and Abusing Medieval Past in Modern World*

HIST 4501 The Climate Crisis*

HIEU 5051 Roman Empire

HIST 5621 Genocide

HIST 5559 The International Economy since 1850

HIUS 7021 Comparative Cultural Encounters


Media Studies

MDST 3050 History of Media*

MDST 3504 Immigrant Narratives in Italian Cinema (1989-2021)*

MDST 3505 Stars, Celebrities and Fame*

MDST 3740 Cultures of Hip-Hop*

MDST 3830 History of Film I*

MDST 3903 Media and Protest: The 1960s*

MDST 7559 Feminist Media and Cultural Studies


Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages and Cultures

MEST 3490 Dangerous in Danger: Refugee and Otherness in Times of Crisis



PHIL 3120 Aristotle*

PHIL 3180 Nietzsche*

PHIL 3330 Philosophy of Mind*

PHIL 3400 Introduction to Non-Classical Logic*

PHIL 3640 Political Philosophy*

PHIL 3710 Ethics*

PHIL 3800 Feminist Philosophy*

PHIL 5560 Liberalism & Its First Critics

PHIL 5540 Love and Friendship

PHIL 7510 Ancient History of Philosophy Topic

PHIL 7530 Modern History of Philosophy Topic



PLCP 3110 Politics of Western Europe*

PLCP 4500 Power, Violence and Inequality in the Global South*

PLCP 4500 Race, Empire and the Struggle for Am Democracy*

PLCP 4500 Comprartive Political Games*

PLIR 3310 Ethics and Human Rights in World Politics*

PLIR Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment*

PLIR 4430 Democracy and Foreign Policy*

PLPT 3010 Ancient and Medieval Polticial Thought*

PLPT 3030 Contemporary Political Thought*

PLPT 4500 The Politics of the Family*

PLCP 7500 Courts

PLCP 8140 Origins of Democracy and Dictatorship

PLIR 7490 International Political Economy of Finance and Migration

PLPT 5500 Conservative Thought Burke to Scruton

PLPT 5500 Marx and Hayek

PLPT 7500 Interpretative Methods for Political Thought


Religious Studies

RELG 3405 Introduction to Black and Woman Religious Thought*

RELG 3416 Sustainability and Asceticism*

RELI 3559 Muslim Misfits: Islam and the Question of Orthodoxy*

RELJ 3052 Responses to the Holocaust*

RELJ 3170 Modern Jewish Thought*

RELJ 3390 Jewish Feminism*

RELA 5094 What is Love?: Reflections from the Islamic Tradition

RELG 5070 Interpretation Theory

RELG 5240 Problems in Philosophy of Religion

RELG 5860 Evil and Suffering


Slavic Languages & Literatures

RUTR 3340 Books Behind Bars: Life, Lit & Community Leadership*

RUTR 3360: Twentieth Century Russian Literature*

RUSS 5124 Tolstoy

RUSS 5380 Russian Postmodernism

SLAV 5300 Culture and Identity

SLAV 5610 Polish Literature


Spanish, Italian & Portuguese 

ITAL 3720 Novella (Italian Short Narrative)*

ITTR 355 Brividi: Italian Horror & Fantasy Films*

SPAN 4402 Don Quixote*

SPAN 4700 Spanish Culture and Civilization*

SPAN 7220 History of the Language

SPAN 7850 Film Theory

SPAN 7850 Romantics, Moderns and Nation Builder



SOC 4550 Money and Morality*

SOC 4370 Hate Groups*

SOC 4520 Religion in a Global Age*

SOC 4559 Sociology of Empire*

SOC 4850 Media, Culture and Society*

SOC 5080 Comparative Historical Sociology

SOC 8410 Race & Ethnicity


Women and Gender Studies

WGS 3105 Issues in LGBTQ Studies*

WGS 3340 Transnational Feminism*

WGS 3409 LGBTQ Issues in the Media*

WGS 3500 Women and Gender in Ancient Greece*

WGS 3559 Feminism, Capitalism and Alternatives*

WGS 4500 Violence against Sexual Minorities*

WGS 4559 Global Perspectives on Men and Masculinities*