Isabella Dillon

  • M.A. Candidate in European Studies (2020)

  • B..A. in Global Development Studies and Global Affairs (UVA 2019)

Isabella Dillon's areas of academic interest include international development, (French) post-colonial relations, and food security policy. As an awardee of three UVA Global Scholarships, a Jefferson Public Citizen Research Grant and a Nelson Scholars Award for Southeast Asian Affairs, she interned and conducted research with international NGOs in Senegal, Cambodia and Vietnam.  Her thesis examines the impacts of neoliberalism on Vietnamese food security and the realization of the right to adequate food through the European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA). Isabella's most current endeavor is working as a research assistant for the UVA Global Policy Center in coordination with Germany’s Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) on forced migration.

Brigid Hanrahan

  • M.A. Candidate in European Studies (2020)
  • B.A. in History and Religious Studies, Pennsylvania State University

Brigid Hanrahan is a current student in the European Studies Master’s program. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in 2018 from Penn State University, where she studied History and Religious Studies. Her research interests include Irish history, religion in Ireland, Irish diaspora, and Ireland’s relationship to the United Kingdom. In 2019 she studied abroad at Queen’s University Belfast, where she took courses related to the public history of Belfast, Brexit, and Northern Irish politics. Brigid has also worked as a Teaching Assistant for an undergraduate history course at UVA on Nazi Germany. Her forthcoming thesis is entitled, “Republicanism, Religion, and Remembrance: The Dark Tourism and Public History of Irish Gaols.”

Hannah Litkowski

  • M.A. Candidate in European Studies (UVA 2020)
  • B.A. in Global Security and Justice and French (UVA 2019)

Hannah Litkowski graduated in Spring 2019 with a BA in Global Security and Justice and French, and wrote her undergraduate thesis on policy alternatives for unaccompanied migrant youth traveling through Europe. She spent Spring 2017 in Lyon, France, at Sciences Po Lyon and has interned with the US Department of State’s Population, Refugees, and Migration’s European Affairs Office as well as UNICEF’s No Lost Generation Initiative headquartered in Amman, Jordan. In addition to French, Hannah also studies Spanish and Arabic. The title of her thesis is: "European Enough? The Treatment of Eastern European Migrants at the European Court of Human Rights."

Aurora lofton

  • M.A. Candidate in European Studies (UVA 2018)

  • B.A. in Foreign Affairs (UVA 2017)

Aurora Lofton was a transfer student from Northern Virginia Community College to UVA in 2015. She recently received her B.A in Foreign Affairs, and has transitioned into the European Studies program in fall 2017. In 2018, she studied abroad n Valencia, Spain, conducting research, studying, and writing her MA thesis in European Studies (under the direction of Prof. Mila Versteeg, UVA School of Law). During the 2018 J-Term, Aurora interned and directly supported the work of Dr. Barbara Harrell-Bond at the RIghts in Exile Programme, in Oxford, England. Her work included assisting refugees in their asylum claim process, compleing research on current and changing refugess policies, and helping the organization identify country-of-origin experts for Nigeria, Iran and Egypt. This trip was partly funded by UVA's Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation.

Jessica Peck

  • M.A. Candidate in European Studies (2021)
  • B.A. in Global Studies - Security and Justice (UVA 2020)

Jessica Peck is a graduate student at the University of Virginia pursuing an Accelerated M.A. in European Studies. She also works as the Program Assistant for the UVA Center for German Studies. Her areas of academic interest include postcolonial studies and migration. She is currently researching the Humboldt-Forum, which will open in Berlin in Fall 2020. She wrote her undergraduate capstone thesis on Hungarian government discourse toward migration from 2017 to 2019. As an undergraduate, she participated in a European Union study abroad program based in Freiburg, Germany. She will study at the Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany in Fall 2020 as a part of her Accelerated M.A in European Studies. Jessica was previously an intern at the U.S. Department of State in the Office of Central European Affairs. 

Anna Stormoen

  • M.A. candidate in European Studies (2020)
  • B.A. in Foreign Affairs and Anthropology (UVA 2018)

Anna Stormoen areas of academic interest include cultural studies, French politics and history, the role of European institutions, the preservation of cultural heritage, and diplomatic history. As part of her undergraduate studies, Anna spent the summer of 2017 studying in Lyon, France where she returned for the fall of 2019 semester as part of her M.A. studies. She has also conducted archaeological fieldwork at a medieval castle in Spain and worked as a sociological research assistant at a university in Belgium. Anna has also completed research internships with the Smithsonian Institution and the U.S. Department of State. While completing her thesis on the function of lieux de mémoire within the commemorative landscape of the city of Lyon, she has begun a new position with a tech startup working with data pertaining to Europe and Sub Saharan Africa

Ruting (Oliver) Yan

  • M.A. candidate in European Studies (2020)

  • B.A. in Foreign Affairs (2019)

Oliver Yan attended high school in Sterling, Virginia. Prior to moving to northern Virginia, Oliver spent 11 years living in China. He received his BA in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia in 2019 and began the European Studies program fall 2018. He intends to focus on European politics and society with a focus on immigration policy and regional security for his research and eventual thesis. Oliver is also an Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia.